PETER WESTHEIMER Candidate for Byron Shire Council

27 March 04

*Byron Shire Council


How to vote
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Independent & Forward thinking


  • Working towards a positive, proactive new council.
  • Constructive social, environmental and economic goals.
  • Committed to representing all parts of the shire.


Environmental Protection and Enhancement


  • Implement council's biodiversity & sustainable agriculture strategies.
  • Significant revegetation and minimal ecological footprints as the basis for planning. 
  • Cleaner rivers & estuaries through improved sewerage & stormwater treatment.


Transport solutions


  • Park & ride areas, shuttle transport and a by-pass for Byron Bay.
  • Better traffic and parking management, walkways & cycleways.
  •  A new regional rail network for locals (especially youth) & visitors.


Infrastructure & Planning Improvements


  • Tourists to contribute substantially to infrastructure.
  • Seek  significant support from the NSW government.
  • Establish new Section 94 plans (developers to contribute more).
  • Sustainable planning & design.
  • Protect towns, villages & rural land through effective planning instruments.


Strong Resilient Local Economy


  • Consider joint venture and innovative financial strategies.
  • Encourage locally owned businesses & creative industries.


Cultural diversity & Social equity


  • Strong support for the arts and implementing a cultural plan.

·        Innovative community & aged care facilities & youth programs.


CONTACT:   Tel/fax: 66846502       


16/2/2004  Authorised by P. Westheimer            PO Box 343 Mullumbimby NSW 2482


How to Vote:

The most democratic way to vote is below the line.

There are 10 councillors in Byron Shire council. so you need to number at least10 squares or candidates.

I suggest at least 20 or else the whole lot.

If you vote above the line
it is very important to realise that the system has changed and that you can no longer put one in the square of your favourite party and expect that they will all be distributed according to the party's wishes.

It is vital that if you vote above the line you allocate preferences too, otherwise your vote will run out of counting ie. it will exhaust.

You must put 1 in the box of your favourite group or party and then 2 for your 2nd favourite group/party after that etc. At least preference any groups or parties that are somewhat aligned to your political stance.

CAN Community action network and possibly the Echo will be assisting in educating voters about this new system of above the line preferencing.

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