Tsunami! - Producer / Writer

The online feature film production.
(c) 1998 Peter Scott, Suzanne Stacy, B#sharp Productions & PSIber Media.
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One day in the life of a planet. The predictions have come true in 24 hours of global devastation compressed into 90 minutes.

A young American marine seismologist has been stationed at the lighthouse keeper's cottage on Cape Byron, the most easterly point of Australia, to monitor movements in the earth's crust as part of the global tsunami network. Transferred from headquarters in Hawaii, the young scientist finds himself in the New Age capital of the world - Byron Bay.

His friends are a varied group from young surfers to aging gurus who are predicting the end of the "Old World".

The town is gearing up for the new millennium. New Year's Eve 2000 will be the biggest event the town has ever seen. Being the point of the first light to fall on Australia in the Olympic Year there is already intense global interest in this small coastal holiday village as it fills to overflow with backpackers and the cosmically conscious.

For the past three years Brad has been doing research over the internet on the history of tsunamis. He has found evidence of regular major shifts in the earth's crust causing major global upheaval. The geological and historic evidence shows that these events have occured every 300 years. The only human documentation of these events has been from the 1700AD New Year's Day tsunami in Japan.

At exactly midnight the horror begins as the Alaskan Fault drops into the Pacific followed by the whole western seaboard of the Americas. Within seconds Canada, Los Angeles, San Fransico, Mexico and west of the Andes tear off like a postage stamp. A tidal wave 50 metres high and moving at 1500 km/h starts its devastating race across the Pacific Basin.

Brad has been partying like everyone else, waiting for the dawn. At about 2 am he drops into his office at the light house to have some quiet time with his aboriginal girlfriend, a dancer and environmentalist named Olive. The couple had met at a whale conference in Mexico three years before and had no idea that they would meet again in Byron Bay.

After they make love in the lighthouse, Brad hears alarms going off in his lab. All hell has broken loose as one global monitoring station after another meets a watery grave. Satellite pictures, scrambled audio and panic fill the airwaves as Brad tries to find out exactly what's happening. He gets on to Hawaii minutes before the wave hits. Satellite pictures of fireworks at midnight and a rainbow cloud spreading westward around the planet. Then the Millenium Bug kicks in taking out everything from global communication to the basics like power and water.

He now has only a matter of a few short hours to try to raise the alarm internationally as well as in the still celebrating town with all his friends. How do these people react to impending doom? There is no time for panic as no one takes him seriously except for the surfers who paddle out to meet the biggest wave of the millenium.

Mass devastation set to hard hitting rock music explodes into sense overload with a mosaic of news, subcultures, special effects and MTV.

Dancing on Glass

Co Producer / Assistant Director / Editor

A New Age Comedy-Thriller


Devin Osmond works as a heavy for a London loan shark / nightclub owner. One day he is asked to do a hitjob on a fellow who is about to give evidence at a trail. This is not Dev's scene, but he takes the money and runs - runs all the way Australia with his ten-year-old son.

Twenty-two months later, his ex-boss gets a hint of where he is living. They send an American based hitwoman, Pandora, to find him. She is met at the airport by a small time hood, Wonder, who actually wants to become a stand-up comic; but for now, he's her chauffeur/tour guide, as they meander around in his aged Holden looking for Devin. (Now called Ky Longcloud.)

Wonder and Pandora aren't what you would call compatible. He likes rock. She prefers the classics. He smokes. She hates cigarettes almost as much as the jokes he imposes on her.
Yes, they become lovers. Something Wonder is to regret. Regret a lot.

Devin - Ky, has his new life cut out for him: pursuing a Green activist/comedian called Sandy; and trying to convince his son - now named Forest, that their New Age life-style is the way to go.

Wonder knows he's out of his depth when a young woman he is partial to, Misty-Jade, is drowned by Pandora; and when she follows this up by killing a local artist.

The antagonists finally find Ky's house but he is not home; rather Sandy, along with Forest and her daughter Zoe, are there: although they escape into the forest, only to be re-captured by Pandora and Wonder; held until Ky arrives.

By now it has all become too much for Wonder. He refuses to be involved. So, the hit-woman, does away with her lover. Then turns her gun on Ky. Only Forest, at this point, picks-up Wonder's pistol and points it at Pandora. "No," snaps his father," we are not into guns!"

Forest drops the pistol. Sandy steals the moment to wrestle with the hit-woman. Ky tries to help. He snatches up one of his glass flowers to use as a weapon, but only succeeds in breaking it. During the struggle, Pandora is pierced by the jagged glass stem Ky holds in his hand: killed.

Ky and Sandy are seen sitting on the verandah of his house. (The bodies of the two crooks having gone into his kiln.) Once again, life is good in paradise.