Haiku Dreaming Australia Awards
[see competition background and conditions, below]


[This haiga by Ron Moss is a tribute to the winning haiku
and is reproduced here with the approval of Ron and Sharon.

Haiku Dreaming Australia is a private initiative to encourage Australian poets to write haiku that are relevant to and in Australia. This is Dreaming's first international haiku contest. Winners were first announced, and prizes were presented at the Fourth Haiku Pacific Rim conference at Terrigal, NSW in September 2009.

Judges for the competition were Janice M Bostok, Lorin Ford, Rob Scott and Ron Moss. They judged 245 haiku by 82 poets for these results.

First Place, a cash prize of $200: Sharon Dean of NSW for
the farmer calls
his kelpie home . . .
flame trees darken

Second Place, a cash prize of $100: Helen Buckingham of the UK for
    rainbow's end—
the crabbing child
  empties her pot

Third Place, a cash prize of $50: Neil Bramsen of NSW for
beach cricket –
bluebottles linger
in afternoon shadows

These haiku plus the following 24 were selected for publication in The Dreaming Collection.

Diving its head
deep into the moon –
a black swan
                — Eduard Tara
on the sight screen
the batsman appeals
                — Tony Beyer
summer heat
the bush turkey pauses
in my shadow
                — Kirsten Cliff
water restrictions —
sharing the shower
with ants
                — Lorraine Haig
Sunday morning
a dog sniffs the base
of the goal-post
                — Barbara Strang
Anzac sunrise
the old bugler's lips
                — Bett Angel-Stawarz
the old dog
at the school gate …
winter rain
                — Vanessa Proctor
my fingers read
its journey
                — Roberta Beary
jagged wingtips
the smooth flight
of a black cockatoo
                — Sharon Dean
walking the breakwall
a stingray
keeping pace
                — Norma Watts
       ocean breeze...
   abalone shells tremble
beneath the bedroom nets
                — Helen Buckingham
billabong …
a tremulous light
on the gums
                — Quendryth Young
afternoon heat
the race caller's voice
keeps rising
                — Jan O'Loughlin
holiday crowds–
a wombat ambles
through the snowgums
                — Neil Bramsen
snow gum belt
the brumby mare nudges
her foal to stand
                — Gavin Austin
in damp garden weeds
junk mail
                — Patricia Prime
night match the scrum leaves behind its steam
                — Andre Surridge
solitary gum –
a hundred merinos
crowd each other's shade
                — Katherine Gallagher
the surprise
of the irish spelling...
transport list b
                — Roberta Beary
beginning rain
a soft wind brushes
the casuarinas
                — Lyn Reeves
my windscreen fills
with eagle
                — Nathalie Buckland
hot pavement
a swimmer's footprint
                — Angela Smith
olympic dream –
the slap of trainers
on a bush track
                — Dane Smith
dusk …
             a butcher bird eyes
the dog
             the dog’s dinner
                — Vanessa Proctor
migrating ibis
a child's black kite
breaks free
                — Jan Iwaszkiewicz

I hope all entrants enjoyed this special writing experience and I congratulate authors of the haiku selected for publication. They are a great aquisition for The Dreaming Collection where they will be displayed for a minimum of three months, perhaps for 400 years, depending on the peer assessments they receive throughout those years.
[All haiku in The Dreaming Collection are subject to peer review and after an initial exposure of three months they may be removed to the Dreaming Archives to make room for new poems.]

I ask authors of these selected poems to send me their review of the Collection's haiku. It's a simple but vital aspect of Dreaming -- see "peer review" link on home page

John Bird,
editor and competition secretary for
Haiku Dreaming Australia

Competition Announcement:
The Haiku Dreaming Australia Awards

Deadline. 1st July, 2009

Background. Writing haiku that are relevant to, and understood by everybody, everywhere, can lead us from the ‘here and now’ into a haikuland where we forgo connection to our real world. Haiku Dreaming Australia was formed to encourage Australian poets to locate their haiku where they live, and this competition is part of that effort. [See haikuland for amplification.]

The Haiku Dreaming Australia Awards is an international competition for haiku which are relevant in and to Australia.

We are not necessarily looking for haiku about kangaroos, wattle or other things exclusive to Australia. On the other hand please remember we are looking for poems to publish in the Dreaming Collection. Thus those that resonate with Australians might be received more sympathetically than those dealing with moose, Dolls Festival, The Thames, and snow at Christmas. Haiku already published in The Dreaming Collection are a good guide to what judges will consider relevant.

Eligibility. Everybody except competition judges and secretary/editor.

Prizes. Three monetary prizes: 1st AU$200; 2nd AU$100; 3rd AU$50 The prize-winning haiku plus those awarded Honorable Mentions, as recommended by the Judges and approved by the Dreaming Editor, will be published in the Dreaming Collection for a minimum of three months, perhaps as long as forever.

Entry Fee. None.

Dreaming Australia Awards – Entry Procedure   Send up to three haiku, written in English, within the body of one email to: haiku.dream.awards@gmail.com before 1st July, 2009.

By entering this competition you affirm that you hold copyright over the entries, that they are unpublished and will not be offered for publication elsewhere prior to 30th September, 2009, and you grant the Editor of Dreaming the one-time right to publish your haiku in the Dreaming Collection.

Judging There will be four judges. Only the Competition Secretary will know the identity of authors and judges prior to announcement of the results.

Results. Authors of prize-winning and honourably mentioned haiku will be advised by email and a copy of the results will be posted on the Dreaming website by 25th September 2009. All other haiku are released for submission or publication elsewhere with effect from 30th September, 2009.

John Bird
Dreaming Editor / Competition Secretary
haikudreaming@fastmail.fm / haiku.dream.awards@gmail.com